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Assembly Announcements-24.01.17
There will be no YOGA on Sunday and Monday.The EID Holiday depends on sighting of Moon.If the visibility of Moon will be on Sunday then EID Holiday on Monday else on Tuesday.Clubs and Societies is functional from 23.06.17 students must reach to their respective Clubs on time.
Posted on : 23/06/2017
Assembly Announcements-23.06.17
The departure from Monday(26.06.17) will be at 2:15 P.M.The Clubs and Societies activity will resume from today on every Friday and Saturday in 8th and 9th period.Students must reach to the concerned as per their registered Club.The list is also available on the notice board. If any ones name is not there may contact to Ms. Rupali Jaiswal. The practice for Foundation day will start from today during 8th and 9th period.
Posted on : 22/06/2017
Assembly Announcement-22.06.17
The Practice for Foundation Day will start from tomorrow.Interested students for Music and Dance may contact to MS. Shweta Pandey or Mr. Sunil Shergil or Mr. Rakesh Shilodhiya.The Clubs and societies will be in action on Friday and Saturday Students must register by today through class teacher.
Posted on : 22/06/2017
Assembly Announcements-20.06.17
School is celebrating International YOGA Day on 21.06.17 All the students must come to the school in sports uniform.
Posted on : 19/06/2017