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Assembly Announcement-20.09.17
There will be regular classes for all from 22.09.17.The school council meeting will be held on 23.09.17.Suggestions mus be handed over to Head Boy or Head Girl.
Posted on : 20/09/2017
Assembly Announcements-04.09.17
The Cycle Test for classes XI and XII will start after the assembly.Athletics practice will begin after assembly.Tomorrow will be Teachers Day celebration after 1st period. There will be no regular classes.
Posted on : 03/09/2017
Assembly Announcements-30.08.17
The Cycle Test of Class XI and XII for Computer Science and BST will be held tomorrow.The Athletics Practice will be there in 1st ZERO period.The Registration for IAYP is open. Interested students must give the name to Mr. Deepak Balyani.
Posted on : 30/08/2017
Assembly Announcements-25.08.17
The Swimming selection for classes X-XII will be held after the assembly and continue till 4th period.The Short story telling competition for primary will start after the breakfast.
Posted on : 25/08/2017