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Assembly Announcements-22.06.16
The staff versus volleyball match will be played today by 5:00 P.M.Swimming is compulsory for all the students you all must have swimming costume and bring on the specified period class. The remedial classes for the students missed their classes during april will start from today.The skill development fro classes 2-6 will start from tomorrow.
Posted on : 21/06/2016
Assembly Announcements-21.06.16
There is hostel rule displayed in the hostels. All boarders must go through the same and strictly follow.The spoken english is must and compulsory for all violating the same may cause a fine of Rs. 500 per mistake.
Posted on : 21/06/2016
Assembly Announcements-20.06.16
Today the school will get over after 6th period and from tomorrow the departure will be at 2:00 pm.The new daily schedule is displayed on the notice board have a look on it and follow the same.The FA-1 Examination will start from 27.06.16.The cycle test-1 and 2 for classes XI and XII will start from 04.07.16.Students have to submit the summer assignment within next two three days otherwise you will get ZERO in the assignment parameter.
Posted on : 20/06/2016
The international Chess Championship-2016, SYNA OPEN-2016 opening ceremony will be 0n 24.04.16 at 4:00 P.M.The tournament will continue till 29.04.16.The closing ceremony will be on 29.04.16 at 4:00 Pm.
Posted on : 24/04/2016