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Assembly Announcements-18.01.16
There will be no march past rehearsal today because of bad weather.The CT-IV and Pre-Board2 will start after the breakfast.Class XI students must see the seating arrangement and sit according to the same in classes XI-A, XI-B and V-A.The French Olympiad will be held after the breakfast and students of class V,VI,will sit in the library and class VII and VIII will sit in the bio lab.The departure for class XII will be at 12:30 P.M.
Posted on : 18/01/2016
Assembly Announcements-15.01.16
There will be kite flying festival in the evening during the games time.All the boarders must present during the same time in front of central dome and follow the instructions of Mr. Deepak Balyani.The Inter House Science Quiz will be organised tomorrow(16.01.16).The French Olympiad will be held on 18.01.16.The English Olympiad will be held on 20.01.16.Its matter of pride that Master Abhinav Anand won the M.P.State Karate championship(Black Belt) and eligible for National level Championship.The PTM for class XII will be held tomorrow.All the class XII students have to attend the same with parent.
Posted on : 14/01/2016
Assembly Announcement-14.01.16
The School is organizing SYNATEX-2016 a scholarship test for the admission in new academic session 2016-17.Interested individual may contact to the school and get registration done before last date.
Posted on : 13/01/2016
Assembly Announcements-13.01.16
The Inter House Science QUIZ will be held on 16.01.16. Students must start preparation for the same.Republic day rehearsal will be as usual. Wish you all a very happy LOHRI.
Posted on : 12/01/2016