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Assembly Announcements-12.01.16
The March past practice will start after the assembly.The registration for BITSAT is now open Interested students may contact to Mr. Harshendra Yadav.From today onwards 1st period will be treated as 7th period and 7th period will be treated as 1st period.Class XII students may also join March Past practice if they have PE period in that duration.The school Council Meeting will be held today after departure.
Posted on : 11/01/2016
Assembly Announcements-11.01.16
The new daily routine will be in force from today.7th period will be rehearsal period for 26th January.Classes III to X will lined up in front of central dome for march past practice.Class XII will reach to the concerned Lab and complete the formalities of Practicals.The final practical will be held in the last week of this month.The Cycle Test for class XI will start after the breakfast.
Posted on : 10/01/2016
Assembly Announcements-09.01.16
The PTM(Primary) will be there today between 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.Republic Day rehearsal will start from 11.01.16.From 11.01.16 the departure for Nur to I will be at 12:30 pm. and rest of the classes will depart at 2:00 pm.The PTM for class XII will be held on 16.01.16.
Posted on : 08/01/2016
Assembly Announcements-08.01.16
Its matter of pride that the school chess team stood 3rd in national chess championship for school. Master Aman Khanna and Ayush Patnaik made their position in top 10. The PTM for class-XII will be held on 15.01.16.
Posted on : 07/01/2016