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Assembly Announcements-24.10.15
The school timings from 28.10.15 will be 1:00 Pm to 6:00 Pm.The CT-3 & CT-4 is schedule on 27.10.15
Posted on : 23/10/2015
Assembly Announcements-20.10.15
The science olympiad examination will be held today.Classes II-III and X-XI will have their exams after the assembly.Classes VI-VIII will have in the 5th and 6th period.The PT practice for class IV-VIII will be after the assembly.
Posted on : 20/10/2015
Assembly Announcements-19.10.15
There will be house photograph after the breakfast.There will be no PT rehearsal today.The CT3 and CT4 of Classes XI and XII will start after the photography session.
Posted on : 19/10/2015
Assembly Announcements-16.10.15
The PT practice for classes IV-VIII after the assembly.The English recitation competition for primary will be there after the breakfast.The athletics heats for classes X-XII after the assembly.
Posted on : 15/10/2015