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Assembly Announcements-06.10.15
The Hits for athletics will start after assembly.The breakfast will be thereafter the sports day rehearsal.Annual Day and Exhibition practice will be there in 7th period.There will be Human Chess Show organised by Fide Instructor Mr. Niklesh Jain in the central dome after the short break.The seating arrangement is , classes I-VII will sit on the ground floor and VIII to X will sit on the 1st floor.The regular classes will continue for class XI & XII.The cyber olympiad will be conducted on 08.10.15.
Posted on : 05/10/2015
Assembly Announcements--03.10.15
After Assembly the students will go for the breakfast.Then the concerned students will go for swimming hits and rest of the students will go to the Athletics Ground. After the short break classes VI to XII will sit in the central dome and witness commerce quiz.The Inter House Swimming Competition -Final will be held on 05.10.15.All the students need to come in school uniform.The annual day and exhibition practice will take place in the 7th period.
Posted on : 02/10/2015
Assembly Announcements-30.08.15
Classes VI to VIII will have normal school from 5th period.The rehearsal from annual day will be in the 9th period. Only participants will go to the concerned teacher incharge. Rest of the students will sit in the class and continue their study.Class XII will continue their study as normal.
Posted on : 29/09/2015
Assembly Announcements-29.08.15
The Registration for ECOTHON is open,Students may contact to Mr. Deepak Balyani.The Rehearsal for Annual Day will start from 01.10.15
Posted on : 29/09/2015