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Assembly Announcements-18.08.15
The ZERO period will be continue after breakfast and then 1st to 8th period as normal.The The Rehearsals for annual day, sports day will start shortly. The students must give th name to the concerned Incharges.This is very important that a student can participate in only two program.The Inter House Solo and Group Hindi and Western singing competition will be on 05.09.15.The studnets can give their name to the concerned music teacher through the house master.The Term-I Examination will start from tomorrow(19.08.15)
Posted on : 18/08/2015
Assembly Announcements-17.08.15
The Cycle Test II and III will start after breakfast.After breakfast the period will 0 period then 1st period and ends with 8th period.The Annual tour consent and Tour money must be submitted latest by Wednesday.
Posted on : 17/08/2015
Assembly Announcements-13.08.15
The Marchpast rehearsal will be after the assembly.Its matter of pride that 24 teachers along with six students of the got letter of appreciation from ministry of HRD.
Posted on : 12/08/2015
Assembly Announcements-12.08.15
The March past rehearsal will be after assembly and rehearsal of cultural program will take [lace after breakfast in the Central Dome.The Rakhi making competition for primary classes will be on 14.08.15.The Incharge make sure to involve the boarders. The new time table will be in effect from today.
Posted on : 11/08/2015