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Assembly Announcements-10.08.15
The Marchpast rehearsal for classes VI-X will be after assembly.The CT-II and CT-III will start after assembly.The breakfast for classes XI and XII will be after the exam gets over.The registration for annual tour is on and the name can be given to the class teacher before 15.08.15.This tour will be for classes IV to XI. and compulsory for boarders.The cost of tour is Rs. 10000.
Posted on : 10/08/2015
Assembly Announcements-08.08.15
The March Past Rehearsal will start after Assembly, then the breakfast at 8:40 a.m..1st period will start at 9:10 a.m. and continue till lunch.The 7th and 8th period will be after lunch.The NCC students will go for camp at 10:A.M. for more details contact to Mr. Mohan Lal Burman.
Posted on : 07/08/2015
Assembly Announcements-07.08.15
The Inter House Football Matches:Middle Group 3rd Position will be played in 2nd and 3rd period.Middle group 1st and second position will be played in 5th and 6th period.Senior Group 3rd position will be played in 6th and 7th period and senior group Final Match will be played in 8th and 9th position.During the Final Matches entire students of that particular group will be on the ground and witness the match.The March past rehearsal for Independence day will start from tomorrow in ZERO period.
Posted on : 06/08/2015
Assembly Announcements-06.08.15
The Inter House Football Match for senior will be played in 8th and 9th period.
Posted on : 05/08/2015