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Assembly Announcements(09.04.15)
The Sports and Film Festival will start from today.There will be cricket match staff vs students starting at 3:30 pm.All the staff and students are cordially invited to witness the match.The movie will start at 7:00 pm in the central dome.There will be no prep today.
Posted on : 08/04/2015
Assembly Announcements(08.04.15)
The swimming classes start from today.The PT starts from today after assembly. Class XI students must submit the subject choice form today before departure.
Posted on : 07/04/2015
Assembly Announcements(06.04.2015)
The departure for Pre-Primary will be at 12:50 pm. and other classes will go at 2:40 pm.Students must communicate in English only during the school hours.
Posted on : 05/04/2015
Assembly Announcements(04/03/15)
The cycle expedition to chitrakoot is flagged off at 4:30 am. Today the departure will be at 12:40 pm.
Posted on : 04/04/2015