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Assembly Announcements(13/02/15)
The FA-IV and Pre-SA2 will start after breakfast.There will be a SPIC-MACAY program after lunch.The students must be seated in the central DOME straight after Lunch.
Posted on : 13/02/2015
Assembly Announcements(07.02.15)
The EPS and BIOLOGY practical will start at 10:00 am.The FA-IV and PRE-SUMMATIVE(IX & X) will start from MONDAY(09.02.15).Class IX students must carry OTBA material during the course of Exam.The Group photographs of Class VI-A,VI-B,VIII-B, V-B will be there on Monday.The school timing has changed and effective from MONDAY(09.02.15) the arrival will be at 8:20 am and departure will be at 3:30 pm.The class XII group photographs will be there today after practical Exam.
Posted on : 06/02/2015
Assembly Announcements(06.01.2015)
The Hindi Recitation Competition(Primary) will start at 10:00 am.The group photographs of classes II to V will start after assembly.The sports photographs will take place after short break.The EPS and BIOLOGY practical will be held tomorrow.The Biology practical will start at 9:00 a.m.There will be no morning classes for class XI from tomorrow.They have to prepare for promotional Exam.
Posted on : 05/02/2015
New School Timing w.e.f. 09.02.15
The school timing is changed and new timing will be effective from 09.02.15.The arrival will be at 7:50 am.
Posted on : 05/02/2015