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Assembly Announcements(27.01.15)
The English Quiz-2014 will be held after lunch today.The Physical Education Practical for class XII will be held tomorrow.The CT4-Computer Science of class-XI is postponed till further notice.
Posted on : 26/01/2015
Assembly Announcements(23.01.2015)
Republic day rehearsal will be there in 6-8 period, if it does not rain.The practical dates for class-XII board exams are declared.The parents of day boarders are invited to witness the republic day program on 26.01.15. and prior confirmation is required by tomorrow.Classes I-XII will be coming on 26.01.15 by 9:15 am in the proper school uniform.
Posted on : 22/01/2015
Assembly Announcements(22.01.2015)
All the boarder students must come in proper uniform during evening prep and dinner.You need to follow certain decorum of school.
Posted on : 21/01/2015
Assembly Announcements(19.01.2015)
The March Past and cultural rehearsal for republic day will start after lunch. Classes V-VIII and XII will have to assemble in front of central dome.
Posted on : 18/01/2015