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Assembly Announcements(10.01.15)
The republic day rehearsal will start from today, which will take place in 8th period.Only participants would be going to the concerned teacher. rest students will do their study.
Posted on : 09/01/2015
Assembly Announcements(09.01.2015)
The Republic day rehearsal will start from tomorrow.Only classes I-VII will have to participate.Interested students can approach the concerned music and dance teacher.The Hindi olympiad will be on 12.01.14.The Preboard exam will start after breakfast and their departure will be after lunch.
Posted on : 08/01/2015
Assembly Announcements(28/11/14)
The ASL of classes XI will start from 1st period and the venue will be Old Art Room and Press Club.Only the students will be called for they will go to the attend the ASL, rest continue the class.
Posted on : 28/11/2014
Assembly Announcements(25.11.14)
The ASL test for classes IX to XI will start from 28.11.14.Those students have not paid the tour amount, must deposit as earliest possible with a fine of Rs. 500
Posted on : 24/11/2014