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Assembly Announcements (10.09.14)
from 1st period.The annual Tour for classes IV to XII will be there from 19 to 23 december-2014 and is compulsory for all students.The tour cost is rs. 7000. For more details one can contact to mr. Mandeep Bharti. The tours are for classes IV to VI is Agra-Fatehpur Sikri, VII-IX is Jaipur. Classes X-XII is Delhi.
Posted on : 10/09/2014
Assembly Announcements (04.09.14)
There will be teachers celebration tomorrow, classes I-XII will attend the function and have to come school without books and bag.The function will get over at 12:00 Noon.At 3 pm all the boarders have to assemble in the AV room to interact with the prime minister.The Pre-SA1 for classes IX and X will start from 2nd period.
Posted on : 03/09/2014
Assembly Announcements (03.09.14)
The ASL for classes IX and X would be in 7th and 8th period.Students must find out from the concerned teacher about the venue and other details.The PT rehearsal will be there in front of Mess.
Posted on : 02/09/2014
Assembly Announcements (02.09.14)
The SA-1 Date Sheet is changed for classes VI-VIII also as per CBSE guidelines.Now the exam is starting from 08.09.14.The students of class X will have to assemble in the AV room straight after assembly.The pre-SA Test for class IX and X for Hindi will be on 08.09.14.
Posted on : 01/09/2014