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Assembly Announcements(30/08/14)
The Inter House SST-QUIZ-2014 will start after short break.The middle group will must be seated by 11:25 am.Then after the senior group quiz will start after 6th period.The SA1-2014 for classes IX and X is re-scheduled and now it will start from 13th of September.Subject teachers can take the pre-summative for their class.The students of classes IX-XII must clear their dues from accounts. Otherwise their registration for CBSE-Board will not be considered.The PSA exam will be on 16th of November-2014, students must start preparation from now.Students going for chess championship must assemble after 2nd period in the central dome.
Posted on : 29/08/2014
Assembly Announcements(29.08.14)
The Inter House SST quiz for Middle and Senior will be on 30.08.14 after short break.The Re-test Fa-2 will be there as per date sheet in two session.On the occasion of National Sports Day, there will be staff Vs. Students Hockey match played during games time.The students going for Chess tournament will go after lunch.There will be House meeting in 9th period today.
Posted on : 28/08/2014
Assembly Announcements(25/08/14)
Today the school gets over after 4th period.The day boarders must reach to parking area and board the bus.Boarders will stay back in the classes and continue the prep for next exam.The PTM for classes I-V, XI and XII will be on 06.09.14.
Posted on : 24/08/2014
Assembly Announcements(23/08/14)
Today the departure for primary classes will be at 11:00 am.On Monday the school will get over at 12:00 Noon. No Lunch would be served to day boarders.The CT-2 and CT-3 of classes XI and XII will be on usual time.
Posted on : 22/08/2014