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Asembly Announcements(18.08.14)
The FA-2 exam will start from 19.08.14 the timing will be from 8:15 to 9:15 am.Class VI will have the breakfast with senior class.The cycle test for classes XI and XII will be start at 7:45 am.Today the primary classes will go for breakfast after assembly and then sit in the central Dome for best Radha and Krishna celebration.The senior class will join after breakfast.after the celebration all will move to the lawn near the boys hostel for Matki Phod competition.Then day boarders will board the bus after taking the prasadb and boarders will go to hostel.
Posted on : 17/08/2014
Assembly Announcements(16.08.14)
The FA-2(Computer Test) for classes VII and VIII will start from 1st period to 4th period.The Inter House English Debate-2014 will start from 5th period.All the students and staff members must be seated in the central dome during the short break.The FA-2(VI-X) will be starting from 19.08.14, students must prepare well for the exam.On 18.08.14 there will be Janmashtami Celebration in the school and school get over at 11:30 am.
Posted on : 15/08/2014
Assembly Announcements (12.08.14)
The rehearsal for Independence Day celebration will be in 8th and 9th period. The lunch will be after 9th period(i.e.2:00 pm) and then after departure.The FA-2 Computer Test for class VI will be on 14.08.14 and for VII and VII will be on 16.08.14.From 14.08.14 there will be change in daily schedule and the extra classes will be there from 7:00 am which is compulsory for boarders, day boarders can also join the classes.The departure time will be 3:10 pm from 14.08.14 onwards.
Posted on : 11/08/2014
Assembly Announcements (11.08.14)
The Independence Day rehearsal will start in 9th period. The cultural programs rehearsal will be in Central Dome and March Past/Parade rehearsal will be in front of Children Park.
Posted on : 10/08/2014