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Assembly Announcements (02.08.14)
We are celebrating Van Mahotsav today the classes VI-XII will go for tree plantation today after breakfast.and each one will plant a fruit sapling into vegetable farm.Today the school will get over after 6th period.On Monday the Cycle Test will be as usual.Class XI commerce are not having Computer science, They will be seating in the respected class room and class teacher will take care.
Posted on : 01/08/2014
Assembly Announcements (01.08.14)
Tomorrow the school will get over after 7th period.Lunch would not be served for senior classes.The Hindi Debate will be on 06.08.14.The Inter House Football matches will be start from 04.08.14 only the team members would be going to the ground.The primary classes will go for tree plantation after breakfast.The Inter House patriotic song competition for primary will be there after short break.
Posted on : 01/08/2014
Assembly Announcements(30.07.14)
The Inter House Patriotric Song Competition for Primary will be held on 01.08.14. and Hindi debate for middle and Senior group will take place on 02.08.14.
Posted on : 31/07/2014
Assembly Announcements (26.07.14)
The boarder celeberating Eid can go home on 28.07.14 after lunch and back to school on 30.07.14 by 4:00 pm.There will be no Saturday outing for those who are going for Eid celeberation. Rest boardes can go for saturday outing on saturday after lunch and back to school on sunday by 4:00 pm.
Posted on : 25/07/2014