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Assembly Announcements(30/06/14)
The computer test of classes VI-VIII will be conducted in the 1st period.The class teachers must collect the exam file from examination.School welcomes to Mr. Hemant Soni as Hindi Music Teacher.
Posted on : 30/06/2014
Assembly Announcements(25/04/14)
The Inter House English Elocution Competition for middle and senior will be held on 28.06.14 during 7th and 8th period.The Classes 4 and 5 will have computer skill test in Powerpoint and Ms-Word today.The students must wear black shoes as a part of uniform everyday. Those who do not have can purchase from Bata-Shop and boarders can give the requirement to Hostel Warden.
Posted on : 26/06/2014
Assembly Announcements(26.06.14)
The Result of Inter House Web/Multimedia competition was declared in the assembly and the certificates given to the students.Those who want to talk to the Principal/Hod/Class Teacher during class Hours. They can meet to the concerned during break or after school.
Posted on : 26/06/2014
Assembly Announcements(23.06.14)
The Inter House Web Designing competition will start at 10:00 am. Participants must reach to the new computer lab after breakfast.The participants of State Chess Championship will finish their breakfast straight after assembly and go to the venue. The must also attend the closing ceremony at 4:00 pm Today.The inter House dodge ball competition for juniors will not be there today. It will be on Wednesday.
Posted on : 23/06/2014