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Assembly Announcements(21/04/14)
There will be a meeting of class XII students with principal in room occupied by class-XII commerce.The Inter House Music competition will start 7th period and finish after 8th period.After 6th period all have to assemble in the central dome.
Posted on : 20/04/2014
Assembly Announcements(19/04/14)
The Cycle-Test-I of class XII will be as usual.The PTM for Class-XII will be on 24.04.14 and for boarders its on 26.04.14.Tomorrow the students can come for the practice of Inter House Dance and Music competition-2014. The Bus will be available on Mission chowk to pick them at 9:30 am. and drop at the same place after practice.There is some change in the the schedule of primary classes which is available on the notice board.
Posted on : 19/04/2014
Assembly Announcements(16.04.14)
The cycle test of class -XII will start at the usual time.Aadi Agrawal got the medal and certificate in Mathematics olympiad.
Posted on : 15/04/2014
Assembly Announcements(12/04/14)
There will be holiday on 14.04.14 and 17.04.14 on account of Ambedkar Jayanti and Election.The school bus will not be available on 15,16 and 18th April-2014 due to election.Parents must pick and drop their wards on that dates.Primary classes having holidays from 14th to 18th. On 19th they have to come to school.Rehearsal fro Inter House Dance and Music competition -2014 will be in 8th and 9th period.
Posted on : 13/04/2014