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Assembly Announcement-18.07.2013
The last date for registration of various olympiads(Cyber,Science,Maths,English) is 31st July.Amount for each olympiad is Rs.150.Students are hereby requested to register their name to the class teacher along with the deposit money.In the prep duty 1st 50 minute is to be used for teaching and rest time is to be utilised for HW/Assignment.Bus duty teachers are requested to reach on time for the duty.
Posted on : 17/07/2013
Assembly Announcements-17.07.13
Students of classes VIII-IX are informed that if they interested to join NCC, Kindly get in touch with Mr. Kamal Sarecha during the break time today. The remedial classes for weak students in various subjects will start from monday.i.e.22.07.13.
Posted on : 16/07/2013
Assembly Announcement-29.06.2013
The Inter House football -2013 will start from Monday.There will be 3 groups:Group-1(Classes III-V), Group-2(Classes VI-VIII), Group-3(Classes IX-XII).For more details contact to Mr. Deepak Balyani.
Posted on : 28/06/2013
Assembly Announcement-28.06.2013
The Inter House English Recitation for classes VI-XII will be there in 7th and 8th period today.The venue is Central Dome.
Posted on : 27/06/2013