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Hindi Debate-2014
The Hindi Debate is schedule on 2nd August 2014.The topic for Senior classes is "Rachnatmak Karya Padhai ke prati rujhan kam kar rahi".
Posted on : 21/07/2014
CYCLE TEST I/II 21.07.14
The cycle test scheduled today is postponed and will be held tomorrow(22.07.14)
Posted on : 20/07/2014
Online Coaching IIT/PMT
The Online coaching of IIT/PMT for class XI and XII will be starting from next week.The charges is Rs. 2000 per month.The interested students can give their name to Mr. Lal by today.
Posted on : 16/07/2014
PTM-Class XI & XII
The PTM for class XI and XII is schedule on 36.07.14 from 2;30 PM TO 4:00 P.M.
Posted on : 15/07/2014