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SANSKRIT WEEK(07.08.14 to 14.08.14)
School is celebrating SANSKRIT WEEK from 07.08.14 to 14.08.14.
Posted on : 06/08/2014
The PTM for class XI will be on 09.08.14 from 12:30 pm.
Posted on : 06/08/2014
Graduation Ceremony-2014
The Graduation Ceremony for Nursery class is schedule on 25.07.14 and take place after short break.
Posted on : 23/07/2014
Hindi Debate-2014
The Hindi Debate is schedule on 2nd August 2014.The topic for Senior classes is "Rachnatmak Karya Padhai ke prati rujhan kam kar rahi".
Posted on : 21/07/2014