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The school system works on house basis. There are four houses in all named as Ruby House, Sapphire House, Emerald House and Topaz House. All the students are divided amongst these four Houses. We have House Masters as:

HOUSE MASTER-2017-18  
SAPPHIRE Mr. Niraj Kalwani
TOPAZ Ms. Pooja Bhargava
RUBY Mr. Dinesh Kumar Soni
EMERALD Ms. Rupali Jaiswal
Head Boy Yash Shrivastava
Head Girl Suman Mishra
Emerald House Captain Ritik Jaiswal
Ruby House Captain Rishabh Bajaj
Sapphire House Captain Ashutosh Soni
Topaz House Captain Ajay Patel
Sports Captain Sahil DIxit
Sports vice captain Yash Kumar Gupta
Emerald House V. Captain Ayush Dewedi
Ruby House V. Captain Ayushi Saraogi
Sapphire House V. Captain Shruti Agrawal
Topaz House V. Captain Shryti Nagaria
Emerald House Perfect Praveen K. Raghuvanshi
Ruby House Prefect Tanish SIngh
Sapphire House Prefect Mayank Kewlani
Topaz House Prefect Tulika Awasthi
Zeus Hostel Captain Surya Pratap SIngh
Posiedon Hostel Captain Rohit Roy
Athena Hostel Captain Shivani Sahu
Zeus Hostel Lan. Monitor Sparsh Agrawal
Posiedon Hostel Lan. Monitor Akshat Keshari
Athena Hostel Lan. Monitor Kumkum Verma
NCC Captain Yuvraj Singh